August 22, 2009

Americans Praying "OM"

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The United States' view on the Hindus has changed, a recent article from the Newsweek has stated. This article titled "U. S. View on God and Life Are Turning Hindu" was posted by Lisa Millers and it has created an uprise for through the internet over the article. 76 percent of the Americans call themselves Christians and only a million of us who live in the United States call themselves Hindus.

In the article, the reporter quoted text from the Rig Veda saying, "Truth is One, but the sages speak of it by many names." And to a Hindu believer, there are many ways to God and we might know them by different names of the God such as Jesus, reading the Quran or going through yoga practice. But the Hindus also believe that none is better than the other and they are all the same, taking you to the same destination. In the church, you might have learned that Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me." but Americans are no longer in those throughts anymore.

65 percent of the Americans believe that many religions can take you to the "eternal life" of whom 37 percent are evangelicals, believing that salvation or eternal life is only their's. 30 percent of the Americans believe that they are atheist from 24% that was only four years ago. The Chirsitans believe that after you die your body and the soul join for the Resurrection and they believe that you need both of them for your eternal life. For the Hindus however, the body burns out but the soul escapes to reincarnation. They believe that the soul or the "self" comes back to the Earth again and again until it is time for it to recieve the eternal peace from the God.

From this, 24 percent of the Americans say that they believe in reincarnation. More than 33 percent of the Americans now choose cremetation over burying. More and more Americans are now praying with the name "OM" and their peace also forms from the yoga that they practice day-by-day.
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