August 23, 2009

Another Attack in Populated Dhaka

DHAKA, BANGLADESH - JULY 29: The expanding Dha...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
The minority Hindus have recieved another attack not on the villages this time but in the capital of Bangladesh, in Dhaka. What is more interesting in this situation was that nine of the family members of the house were kidnapped and then they were found again to return to their location. In Bangladesh's newspaper Jugantor the news came up saying that Awami League worker called himself a DB police to go in the house and kidnap the members of the family.

This had happened on the dark night of Friday where the AL workers in total four of them were joined by members of gangs to take 9 family members. They took from old 70 year old to the family's 8 year old child. They took two lakh takas of gold and money.

When the nearby neighbors yelled out for help, the gang members called themselves polices and they said they were checking through the house. It was in the morning that the real police went to the location. The police have arrested four AL members who have claimed that they were linked to the robbery. At Saturday's 11 at noon, the police were finally able to get back the kidnapped family members.

The members of the family have claimed that the harrasers were trying to get the family's owned property to develop industry for Anandadhara Housing Ltd. When they were refused to give up the land, the Housing Ltd called upon the AL members to take them off the land. The gang members came in with dark masks and were kidnapped and then were forced to sign a paper.

The police has mentioned that they were local AL workers and now they were fleeing through the city.
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