August 21, 2009

Changing the Name, Not the Mind

BDR in BangladeshThe Bangladeshi BDR will get a new uniform, a new name but will those make changes to how they are in their mindset? This reform change was asked to be issued after the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) gets into it's BDR mutiny and the name will change into BGB which will stand for Border Guard Bangladesh. The laws for their border security will change a little, bringing their new laws yesterday. The PM Sheikh Hasina has made a green signal for the BDR Director General (DG) Major Generla Md. Mainul Islam sent these recommendations to the PM. The new uniform stated have a brown combat color and but their theme will not change from "Shimante Atondro Prohori".

The new names was chosen by the PM from other names that were also suggested from these list. She was also the one who picked up the color for their combat cloth in their uniform. The proposed laws will include the rule that if any serious offences such as murder, attempt to murder, looting and arson will not be taken for their benefit of the laws and will be taken against the laws to give them the punishment that is required for them. The highest punishment that was pronounced under the BDR munity was from the BDR Order to seven years of imprisonment, but the suggestions also include that the ones that had started the BRD munity will not get that because their's were much more brutal than the regular way and they would deserve the capital punishment.

The new highly equipped intelligence unit will be with three layers of RSU (Rifles Secuirty Unit) that was only present with one layer before. The first layer would have special desks and will set up National Security Intelligence (NSI), the second layer will be General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) and the last would be the new BDR named BGB.

The second layer would carry out counter intelligence, working with a regional head. The third layer would collect the internal field intelligence and cross-border intelligence. The fixing ranks will be based on retirement ages of the member. The BDR chief will be chosen from the BDR Order through the parliament. The PM had asked the BDR BG to submit these drafts of these ammmendments. The PM's reaction to these proposals was to keep the overall welfare of the force. The PM appriciated the draft of the ammendments that were presented by the BDR DG.

The proposal also includes increasing the number of battalions outside Pilkhana headquater, transfering three battalions to Keraniganj, Narayanganj and Savar to Pilkhana, the headquater. The PM will consider all the issues that were presented.

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