August 20, 2009

Damn, When Will I Be Checked?

The titled phrase would be told by anyone who wants to go to a hospital for their treatment but would be asked for their health care provider. This is not what someone would like to hear when their leg is missing and they are bleeding but that is what they have to hear. While President Obama is going through town meetings to talk about his health care plan to get more and more citizens conscious about his plan, there is more that I think that needs to be fixed. The health care does not onHospital Buildingsly depend on the amount of money that is provided for each single individual but it depends on the amount of people that needs to be taken to the hospital and the amount of doctors there are to get them fit.

I am not saying that there is less doctors in the hospitals but it is much less that what I could expect. One reason I say this is because of my experiences that I had with these hospitals that had provided me and my family with these treatments. Elmhurst Hospital Care Center in Elmhurst, Queens, New York is a major hospital for many of the patients that reside in that neighborhood. My father who though he was having much of a problem with his cholesterol went to Elmhurst's emergency department in the broad evening sky one evening at almost 4:00 thinking that he could get that treatment that was needed. But after he was there and he was registered, he was told to sit and he did sit there, just sat without saying much and it was until 11:00 PM when we, with him got frustrated by the fact that we had been here for so much time and still they considered him not to be called in. We left the hospital to go to another hospital in Manhattan named Bellevue Hospital and there the next day, he went to the emergency and got his treatment that was required in just matter of 10 minutes. From the emergency deparment, they took my father in a portable bed to where it was required for him to stay.

Another incident that I want to mention is that in Elmhurst Hiospital care center, my uncle also went there for treatment where he was also turned down even when he called the emergency department to take him to the location. They left him in the portable bed, with a heavy backpain while they told him that he would get his treatment soon but that soon what not too soon. He wnt there by 9:00 AM and got his treatment at about 2:00 PM. What would you say about those?

After these type of incidents, no one would prefer to go to Elmhurst Hopital Care Center and no one would even think about it with the plan that they recieved from the government. People would want better treatment and something that was ER, emergency like it was said and not so slow to make you say that you had been waiting here for more than 2 hours.

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