August 08, 2009

DDoS Attack on Social Network

The social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter had been down and are still facing problems with the fact that it is still a little slow. In Mashable, it was called the social media meltdown. Twitter has called out that Distributed Denial of Service Attact (DDoS) is playing a fake game with the services. It has been called that the sites will be simply falling at a great scale as it is told to happen in the past. DDoS is said to fight against the establishing sites. Mashable posted up this picture in an article with the DDoS issue:

Twitter faced 30 minute outage and that's the longest it had in months. Back in the last two years, they were both down for long times frequent, but this year it was stable for a long time. Twitter mentioned:

Site is down. We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly.

Facebook was also facing many problems due to the DDoS on the recent days. "Facebook was experienceing outrages of it's own" mentioned Mashable.

This time of page came up on it's site when you tried to go into Facebook on that day. If you were logged in, you would see:

Mashable mentioned that what was Denial of Service
in their post here. The goal of Denial of Service is to take out the specific resouces that you find online and make it unavailable for others. Targets typically huge traffic sites, with a lot of lose in one day. Twitter's traffic growth was the problem that was stated and the enemies or pracksters took that in their advantage. They sometimes send out external communication requests to the site and they want to see some legitimate traffic. The requests for the page slows it down and then making it renderable for others to get a unreachable or slow to respond as to be impossible to use for some periods of time. The Denial of Service is nothing new, such malicious takedowns have been in 2000. Yahoo, eBay, Amazon and others experience protracted outages over servral days and the loss in the revenue was $1.7 billon. Overtime, many found out the pattern in such attacks and the floodgates were closed down. The compain of "downtime due to dificulty scaling to meet demand" it's the malicious sites that we have to blame. It is still unclear about who and when this DDoS downtime had started and happened, and meeting such discharge.

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