August 11, 2009

Forcing Islam: A Way to Kill The Religon Off

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A new report has come up in Dr. Richard Benkin's blog about forcefully confirming a woman to Islam. This case was reported by Bangladesh Hindu, Buddhist, Christan Unity Council and Global Human Rights Defense and the Bangladesh Minority Watch has investigated on the issue. It is reported that Koli Goswami, a 20 year old college student's house was broken to get at least 5 Muslim and a government official broke into her house at 12:45 AM on June 13, 2008. They violated through the house to her and even through the girl tried to aleart the nearby neighbors about it by screaming aloud, the gang members fired their guns to keep them out of the way.

In this gang, Tauhidul Islam Bhuiya (Sumon) is in murder charges and even though he is supposed to in trials, he remains free. When police came, they said: "It is not kidnapping. It is love affairs between kidnapper and victim" and to many this does not seem like a love affair. The police do not want to keep in the flow with this case and evne though they have looked upon the case in video, the physical harm done to the house, the cry from the girl's uncle, and the request from the family to help them get Koli back.

This still stays the same, Richard Benkin said in his blog, that the victims are commonly the young girls, women, and sometimes bodys. The government official that was in the issue suggested that the govenment is supporting these types of kidnapping and harrasing, converting a human to take against their will. What the Muslims have to understand is that even though they might think that forcing someone to go against their own will might make their religion more powerful, well, that might now become the case. They have to userstand that if they do not show the good path, one day the ones that were Muslim due to their ancestors for a long time will quit Islam and say that it is a forceful religion. If this continues, then one day the religion that was built forcefully will be closed down with no power from the physical strength but the mental.

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