August 25, 2009

G-Good Apture

I am trying out a new plugin called Apture in blogging. Because of Apture, I had to convert the editor to the default and not the improved one. I like the animation that it makes when you make the links. I also added a picture to check how it works with a video, a random one:

You can add images and videos in different locations of the post.

You can add reference articles and this is just a sample of it.

You can also add maps.

You can embed music from NPR or Imeem.

You can add documents for example from

You can add person's profiles from the internet.

You can also add news article

This is the last that you can add, the website.

This is great using apture, hope that this project continues and I don't mind using the old editor at all now.


  1. Hey Chotto,
    Great use of Apture. You can actually include additional media inside your apturized links. Example would be including a video to Hulu, a link to the wikipedia about the video and possibly an imdb link of the actor in the movie.

    Check out the example here

    Welcome to Apture,

  2. Thank you Pelechati for the information. I also want to let you know that your services are the greatest I have seen. I had used Zemanta before but it didn't satisfy me but Apture seems to satisfy me a lot. I hope their service never stops for such a great treat for the Bloggers.