August 27, 2009

Hilsa's Cost Rs 1200-1600/kg

No, it is the truth. hilsa are being sold for 1200 to 1600 per kilograms in Calcutta, India. It is the Bengal's favorite fish, to say and raced it's chart that anyone can remember. Each of the hilsas are about two kilograms each and they are weighting each of those kilograms for 1200 to 1600 rupees. From the Times of India, a fish-seller sold two hilsas weighting a little over 2 kilogram for 1200 rupees. He had learned all about fishes from his parents but still he had not seen the price rise so much before.

Arup Saha, another fish vendor sold hilsas for 1600 rupees per killograms. Passes are given out from jewelery stores
if the hilsas are bought for selected stores and offering discount on jewelry. This is from Bangladeshi change in their law to fish khoka ilish which weigh less than 2,000 tones a day.

News from IndiaTimes

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