August 09, 2009

How is the Digital Schools of US?

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How is the digital schools of United States and how will they all be when it time comes for the students to use it? The report was published in Empire High School of Vail, Arizona where students are using computers to get their lessons, do their homework and hear podcasts of their teachers. At Cienega High schools, the students are registering for serval Egnlsih, history and science classes. Beyond Textbooks, a textbook making company for all over the United States have created, shared lessons in Powerpoint presentations with videos and other materials for their lessons.

Many think that it will not be long before we all use the digital technology in our schools to develop the students and say "good-bye" to the textbooks and the paper books. With these, they say will have free courseware, educational games, videos and projects on the internet. With the kid's ideas of multi-tasking and thinking of infinite knowledge will make them think of it as much more of themselves. They mention that the wikis and the blogs are more open than the books that are found in the schools.

California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called out for some high school schience and math texts with free "open source" digital versions. The Governor hopes to see millions of dollars solved in a year because of the textbooks. With a lot of interations already on the internet, they think that they will have much more to look upon rather than the heavy, expensive textbooks. Specialists have mentioned that schools that do not switch to digital will lose a lot of opportunity. They think that resources have to be availble to them 24/7.
Many think that the course will start out small but then they will make out to become a great contest throughout the nation. California's education authorities are reviewing 20 open-source high school math and science texts for their academic stadards. They hope to get the best from the digital edition of their dynamic teachers.

Till now, Pearson the largest one of the name brand California's available online resources, free supplements to their texts. The world is supposed to go digital and United States are supposed to get their information too. They think that the world will be flexbooks one of the goup that has also started this job. Chapter by chanpter the books will now be digital and no more discontinued.