August 06, 2009

John Quincy Adams on Twitter

Have you thought that you would find John Quincy Adams on Twitter ever in your life? Well, his diary is making it all possible. Now it is John Quincy Adams, the president, the statesman and now Twitterer. The Massachusetts Historical Society started a Twitter with the Twitter account named: JQAdams MHS about the entries that he posted up in his diary. He wrote about his days he left Boston for St. Petersburg and served as the ambassador to Russia. The average tweets are between 110 to 120 characters in the 140 character limit. There was the words LOL and BFF found on the Tweets. The posts are told to be linked to maps, with the lattitude, longtitude and the coordinates from his entries and it will pinpoint the exact location of where he was at that time.

The society has planned to tweet throughout the year and then they would decide to continue it after that. As of the nine hours after the first tweet, there was more than 4,800 followers and the number was said to be climbing. Currently while I was writing this post, there was 6,652 followers.

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