August 02, 2009

Lets Get to Ubutu Today

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Canonical has announced today that it will give new support service to both individual and small business and they think that in this way they could catch up with Apple Inc and Microsoft the other two agencies that are dominating the world. Ubuntu is 100% free and opensource and supports both desktop and server computers.

Canonical has provided with the information that "Canonical's Desktop Support Services provides an easy, inexpensive way to get Ubuntu up and running in the home, home office and small business - reaching the vast majority of computer users. [...] With our team supporting them, Ubuntu is ideal for people who just want their computer to work, where the goal is to get up and running with no fuss, focusing on the things they want to accomplish."
(Told by Steve George, the director).

From now on Canonical will provide Started Desktop Edition, Advanced Desktop Service and Professional Desktop Service. The prices and the features are listed below from Softpedia's site:

- The Starter Desktop Service offers support for installations and basic configuration and functionality of the Ubuntu system, like creating various documents, playing audio and video streams, using various applications or setting up the Internet. The package's price starts from 34.73 Pound Sterling (GBP) + VAT;

- The Advanced Desktop Service offers support for power users who need help or assistance for migrating documents or settings from a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh operating system. Advanced installations, personnel accounting and desktop publishing are also covered by this offering. The package's price starts from 72.62 Pound Sterling (GBP) + VAT;

- The Professional Desktop Service offers support for experienced users who already use Ubuntu as their main operating system, but need help with network installations, various applications support, advanced productivity, advanced system administration and more. The package's price starts from 138.03 Pound Sterling (GBP) + VAT.

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