August 05, 2009

Tipaimukh Will Choke BD?

Tipaimukh Dam Planned SiteImage by International Rivers via Flickr
The question still remains unclear about the fact on how the Tiapimukh dam will create a choking situation for Bangladesh. But there have been seminars that gave the answers and although most of the Bangladeshi newspapers concentrate on the politics of the dam, the enviromental and the scientifical ways are in harsh conditions for Bangladesh. These conditions will not help Bangladesh but disadvantage them from the dam.

Lets start with the issue of normal water flow. When water does not seek past to your nation, it will create a devistating situation for the country and the people to survive on it. It then becomes an interstate dispute for the two neighboring countries. From India, it has still not been undersood why they might be making such a dam that might also harm them. India's North Eastern Electrical Power Corporation Ltd. has 6,000 crore rupees for this dam that will create 1500 megawatts of electricity in the Barak River of Manipur.

Why is Bangladesh involved?

The main reason for it is that the Tipaimukh Dam is not built in the deep coverage of India. This dam will be built on the outside edge of India, near the border of India and Bangladesh. It is only 100 kilometers away from the border of Bangladesh and India and it is stated that the construction period will also have effect on the enviroment. The fact is that it will change or divert the way of the water flow of the rivers. The Barak River will now be flowing at a different direction from it's traditional flow and will change how Surma and Kushira Rivers also flow. This then will affect the Meghna which might bring a lot of changes to the Bangladesh due to it's great size.

Other Reasons

The building of the Tipaimukh River will bring other changes to Bangladesh because it will not reduce water but will certainly change the flow of the water. By this, many of the lower elevated areas of Bangladesh will be sanked by the flood every year.

The Daily Star's List of Issues:
  • The day for building a dam has gone by in the South Asia. In the 1950s and 1960s, many of the huge dams were created under the eyes of government and were not monitored for their enviromental issues. The World Bank does not encourage any more of these large projects that might vandalize the enviroment. The Aswan Dam of 1964 caused water to rise in the Egyptian cities destroying the normal annual river similar to the Tipaimukh dam.
  • The dam will be built near fault lines, causing huge earthquakes and destruction of the dam and the release of groundwater. This will flood the Bangladeshi lands and their lowlands will be under the water forever.
  • The quantity of the release of water from the Tipaimukh is not known and the change in the quantity might cultivate the crops. Still no one knows how it will affect the Sylet area.
  • Major rivers such as Padma, Teesta, Brahmaputra are drying up because of the different flows of water. Various dams have been built that have taken off a lot of water from these parts of Bangladesh. 
  • Bangladesh's economy will be affected by this dam. Many of the imports and exports will have to go through India now.
  • Asam and Manipur's 73 villages will be affected by this dam. 15 of those will be taken completely off the map. 
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