August 01, 2009

We Are Looking Upon You AL

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The minority Hindus of Bangladesh are looking back at the Awami League again to seek for their freedom that they had once lost when the BNP government came up. But still, we have not seen what we thought would watch when after the long term of the interim government and their dominance. We thought that we would watch all the Hindus free from the grip that had held them so sceard for all these time but still it doesn't seem to come out of it.

In Ittefaq, a report came up with an incident on the first of August, 2009 (click here to read it from Ittefaq's site). Bangladeshi newspaper called Shomokal, Sangbad, Daily Nayadiganta, Daily Jugantar, Daily Janakantha are still publishing stories with incidents that are happening till this day in the lives of those Hindus. But AL till now has not shown any improvement among the citizens of Bangladesh. In, a site fully dedicated to those Hindus and minorities that are suffering the pain, it bought up a news that we see in the Hindus of Narshindi. The Hindus of Narshindi are still looking for justice on the July 25th incident that happened this year after the Awami League government was selected. After reading about it in PresecutionBD, I went to a site that preserves these reports that happened against the Hindus.

Translated from the report: "Just to get control of Hindu's cemetry area in Narshindi Palash, 4 minority houses were treated savagely. They broke down the houses, robbed from them that they saw were valuable. In their attack, including woman 5 were injured. The villagers have said that Jainal was the leader of this gang and they broke down the cemetry area then threw them down to the river where the current picked it all up."

Now here comes the government at this and how this crime is investigated: "The police have arrested a girl names Swathi (I just want to say, how can a girl do this?) Now the loot that happened at the scene was nothing small but it was big with the amount of money that they stole, gold that they found and they also looted cellphones that were making the price go up to one lakh takas.

Yes, I can agree that it is not the Awami League government that is doing all these but they could at least investigate upon this. This is the minorities that always give them the vote and no one else but still why are these minorities getting so much less notice? Aren't these minorities humans? It might sould as if it is only us that are yelling, well in Bangladesh what other minorities are going on? For example will the poor are being treated badly but they are not being treated badly because of who they are but what they have. If we treat human beings because of their beliefs, then I just want to ask to those that are being racist "Where is the World standing at this stage today?"
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