August 24, 2009

Win 7 Not For 30 But 120 Days

windows 7 in VirtualBox on windows xp
Windows 7 is out for trial version not for 30 days which we have all seen in the past times but for 120 days. After every 30 days, the version will be available for a reset and the reset will be there for three times, bringing the time of the trial 120 days.

New York Times have released how you can reset it:
1. Start the command line by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt (Run As Administrator) –- or for a shortcut, hit the Windows Key + R and type “cmd”.
2. At the command line, enter in “slmgr –rearm” without the
3. Restart Windows 7.

If your computer is not registered correctly, then after 30 days the computer will go back to simple mode giving you less and less options that you are supposed to have and soon going to a black background with some flashing spots telling you to register the product.

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