August 26, 2009

WOW, That Was Racist

One news that caught my attention today was from PCWorld, a computer and technology news site that shows a picture of the US site and Polish site. Microsoft has apologized, said PCWorld where they had changed a person's picture from an African-American in the United States' site to a White man in the picture posted in the Polish site. The picture in total had three persons, one was an Asian man, a Black man and a white woman sitting in a conference. When it was going for marketing in Poland, it was changed to a white person.

Both of the sites were checked and then fixed to show that they had changed the picture and there was a difference to be seen. What surprised them also was that the laptop in front of the Black man was a Apple laptop and this meant that another mistake that was done to the picture but the logo had been covered up for the picture. The other mistake that was seen was that the computer (desktop) in front of the woman was not connected to anything, only the keyboard is connected.

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