September 17, 2009

Jamaica- Next to JFK

All right, I live in a new neighborhood in Jamaica. It is right next to the AirTrain that would take you to the JFK or the John F. Kennedy Airport but still I am facing problems with the neighborhood. These are not just regular problems but others that I have noticed are not normal from the past neighborhood that I used to live in. Everyday I have to take the Q6 bus which is about three blocks away from my house (first of all, there is no train connection) and from that I have to go to Jamaica-Sutphin Blvd.- JFK Station which is about twenty blocks away from where I live. From there I have to take the E-train which is something to talk about.

First I want to talk about the block I live in. I do not know if it is the city government's job or the person that the house belongs to but I have to say about this house that has the sidewalk broken.
The sidewalk does not have any cement in it and is sliding day by day from rain, people stepping on it and many other conditions onto the road where the cars go by. The sidewalk in 109 drive and Sutphin Boulevard does not have any cement and I have to walk all the times through the road because I would not like to step on the mud at rain time. There is also big potholes on the road that creates water filling places which should be considered a look by the city government.

Now I come to talk about the neighborhood. About a couple of days before, as I was in Manhattan, I was given a flyer about Eric Goia and what he has done and came to notice something about city houses. It said that he had reduced crimes on city houses but I knew that didn't mean all and I was sure of it. I saw a couple of city houses, about five blocks away from me where by the look, I knew it was an area where you would not like to hang around in. But by curiosity I went when I saw a couple of ConEd cars in the area fixing electrical issues. I have to say that because of them I got the power to walk or else I would have freaked out immediately. These city houses sure has surveillance cameras but I had no idea how much it would work.

My request to the government is that to make this neighborhood and neighborhoods like this much more convenient for others through offering them methods of transportation and other social welfare that is deserved by these citizens of the country who are also paying for the taxes just like others. They deserve, like me better network in the area which we are not getting and it is not the rural yet. It is still New York City what I am talking about.

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