September 10, 2009

Poverty Rate Now 13.2%

The poverty rate of the United States has gotten a rise of 13.2% from the last year in 2009. It is claimed that the recession has created such a mess in this country. It has risen up from the 12.5 % last year which was reported by the census bureau. The report also mentioned that employers are now giving up on getting their employees health care and other benefits that they are supposed to have. This rise in the poverty rate is the highest from 1997, and is expected for a larger increase this year.

39.6 million people lived below the poverty level last year which is
counted as $22,025 for a family of four people. The median family income fell to $50,300 compared to last year's $52,200. Lawrence Kartz from Harvard University quoted “this is the largest decline in the first year of a recession we’ve seen since the Census Bureau started collecting data after World War II.”

The number nine is what seems to be the problem because in 2009, the number of poverty level rose from 5.8% to 9%.

The news is from New York Times


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