September 26, 2009

Society of Verizon

A wierd society to guess is what Verizon is made of. It is full of complains and wrong problems that are faced by their users everyday. Sounds common for you, even if you live in Florida or California? Well this is the monopoly that is made by Bell Atlantic, Comcast and other telephone, internet and cable providers. This is my point of view with them, only Verizon which I had been using for almost three years now.

I signed up for their plan with 15 dollars interent, DSL about three years ago getting what was called the 756 kbps plan. Well for first starts like me, it was okay because before this, I had been using dial-up and was just trying out the new DSL. It was a highly populated neighborhood and I got almost what I paid for. I changed my phone service from AT&T to Vonage and flooded over the paymet of early cancellation of the Vonage because they couldn't find my line of the internet that they would have used for their phone line which was a VOIP.

Well, had to pay 100 bucks for Vonage on that, not knowing what went wrong but Verizon said they would be able to give me internet after some time. And that time came a long time later, messing me up for not having interent or the phone for almost two weeks. This didn't seem good for me at all, and I still could not call out what was wrong.

They gave me a new plan, the Double Freedom Essential Package that costs (well here is the link for you all to see for yourself) and a image on their site said "Starting at $ 69.99/ month $ 40 For mos: 1-3; $69.99/mo. for mos. 4-12"

What a surprise! Wasn't that the same even with the crossed out of $69.99? You would be getting the same money to be paid afterwards, right?

Now here comes the more surprising part. I recently moved to a new location and is still paying for the same service at the same price. I thought I would be getting 3 mbps of speed but sorry, that is not or even close to three megabytes. I was getting 1.37 mbps of speed. When I called Verizon, they said I moved away from the central location and they didn't support my area much. That is why they had to put up a hub at the base of my house, just for me to get the internet.

I talked to my nearby neighbors at the neighborhood on what they were using. They told me that they were using Time Warner Cable, which surprisingly supported the area and not the area that I used to live in. So now, I want to change the service from Verizon to Earthlink, part of Time Warner Cables but I am getting a notice that I have to pay an early termination fee.

Well, my question to Verizon is, if you really care about the early termination fee that was in your policy notice, don't you care about what you type up in the front page of your site? Why would I have to pay the extra money if you are also not giving me the service that I am paying for? Is it just because of the area? If the area does not support, then just say no and take now early termination fee or if you do, then I can also say that you are breaking the part where you said you were going to give me 3 megabytes of speed.

You, Verizon might say well your area does not support that but then I could also say isn't that your problem? Aren't you giving up people with FIOS the early termination fee just because of their new neighborhood? Then this is the same, ain't it? If you do not think so, well I gotta say you are not keeping part of your deal on giving me 3 megabytes so why should I? You better get more service in this area or else just let us swtich to Time Warner Cable, without any hassle.

Just remember this, money doesn't grow on trees so that anyone can pay your made up contact rule.

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