October 17, 2009

Educate NY

Ask this question in a packed train, "Who wants to move out of New York?" and you will get a great number of hands up in the air but many of them would say that it is not possible. They would mention that it is because of how the system is, everything is in Manhattan. And now even with Manhattan in one side, New York's governor David Paterson is cutting more on the school system. For the rest of the year, the school students will have $686 million cut from the school aids. What would this mean for many schools?

There would be cut offs, with less in the programs for schools, and staffs to be cut off too. One statistics showed how Erie and Niagara counties lost aid of $204,229 in North Collins to $10.5 million in Buffalo. If you thought it was all, then no, these are just the statistics. Let's take this to a clear picture. School lunches would be cut short, creating more mess for the public. While the US Debt clock keeps on counting up (the statictics show it's $11,914,492,700,000 and is adding up even now. Currently the liabilities per citizen is $343,551.)

Those were just statistics, now let's take it to a clear picture. Currently if there is more budget cuts in a school where they don't recieve much money already, it would turn out of to be ruins. Cafeterias run out of food currently while serving them to the students. If this continues, none of the students will actually have energy to do great work in school. One needs to understand that education is the backbone of a society, therefore it is required that they have a great place to learn. There has already been tax increases but still no change in the where it could actually be used. It needs to be used, summed up to make capital gain for the government officials less than that they would actually get.

Yes, I know there would be corruption whatsoever and there is nothing you can do. When one gets the position to control other's lives, you always are likely to play with it. This is the same that is happening, playing with how one would actually survive while the other rests peacefully. Global demands are rising, so are the requirements, the populations and with all those the budget are slowing down. Deficits are showing up, yes they would but if it gets more and more serious about cutting back on education, then it is nothing more than just some total rubbish. Education should be kept constant in their actions and look at the other social welfares that are given out, look at those and look at the ones that could be cut out. Let the one who wants to drop-out of school do that and let him face the challenge of the world. Let his money be used to one who can really use it for good. Let that money be used for better benefit throughout the world. So yes, education matters New York, you should care about it and start using it for your good.

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