October 09, 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,
Upon hearing the news of you receiving the award for Nobel Peace Prize for the year of 2009, I am writing this letter, an open letter directed to you. As you see, you have won the Nobel Peace Prize and you have said you will work towards reaching more in the future. By accomplishing such extraordinary work, I would like to congratulate you first and behalf of this teenager's mind, I would like to take it to my high school friends who might have not heard about this news.

I am writing this letter for one reason, now that you are not only representing the United States only, but the whole world, you have to look at everyone and see where you can bring about a change. One that frustrate me is the fact when I see high school students from the United States listening to their iPod in class when they are getting free education. In many countries outside the United States, you have to pay for these education and many cost more than what the poor could actually afford. Many times, like I saw in my native country Bangladesh, many of them drove the rickshaw to feed the family, the boy with the same age, from about the age of ten who couldn't even pull the paddles but had to because then his sisters and mother would die of hunger (having their father already dead). He wanted to learn but didn't have the time and even if he did, he couldn't afford it. He tried getting the early eduation, the letter knowledge but was not able to, because he didn't have the time and also because his family would tell him to work better than to get education.

Now as a representive of the world, I think that it is your duty to fulfill those dreams and make them come true. Education, the backbone of a society would help the world to recieve peace, and everyone would understand what peace actually means. It is not those who deserve eduation who plugs in their iPod during class, not listening to their teacher giving instructions and getting free education. Maybe their parents pay the taxes but in my opinion, these drop-outs or "wannabe" drop-outs do not deserve anything, anything that could be possible for them. They do not use the school as an educational place but a place to socialize and "hang-around" with the friends, cheating in the tests to pass, sometimes bored to even cheat because still they know that they are not going to pass.

These drop-outs should not receive any benefit, in my opinion. The career opputunities that these high school drop-outs gets should not be even considered for them. Many institutions are not being built just for their benefit where they should go to the third world countries to help those who actually want to learn, those who at least try and not give up. Many of them are smart and talented but there is no place to show their talent and the lack of schools, money and poverty all brings them down to work for their benefit and do their job all life long. They stay in tea shops to learn and learn in the streets where the American high school students learn and to their teachers, they do not fear to curse. Yes it is freedom but maybe a little bit of freedom may turn out to be deadly.

That's all for now, I will try to write soon and make it into a sequential letter with more issues.
Again I want to congratulate you for your Nobel Prize.

Sincerely from,
Chotto Mind's Blog

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