October 08, 2009

A Suspence, A Cry and Fail

Fail, the word that every single student hates (at least if you care about your education) and I tried doing the same. Cared about what I am taught and now faced the biggest, the greatest challenge that I could imagine. Spanish was the subject, the subject that I could cover up for sure because I was taking the semester in advance, and was the freshman from the whole bunch. Great, it seemed to me. But would know such horror would soon come? Well the horror was from the tests that our teacher gave us. First of all, what I have to mention is that there was two teachers, one was learned Spanish teacher and the other a native born. For the first test, I received the grade, a 60, failing but it was okay at least for one question that the ones I talked to told me that I was correct.

The second test is what got the whole out of me. Because no one talked to me other than four that I knew, I talked to them. One of the having failed didn't care about his grade. He said he would not care and just continue like this. The other was a Spanish himself but not the one that would not be made into any sense. He didn't know Spanish much at least for the fact that he had learned some to pass. The last one was the other boy who also failed with less grade than me, which I got 67. So he and the Spanish boy was checking the answers with me and found a mistake done in the other Bangali boy's test. He asked the other teacher who was not native to look over it and she said she had not graded the test so it would be better that he talked to the other teacher. She also said that it was correct in her opinion.

The boy said he was "afraid" of the native Spanish teacher and said it would be better if she talked to her. She went and told the other teacher and she came in to have a look, got hold of the papers and told us all in the class that she would be going over these tests. She said "whatever was graded was correct" and that she had "balanced" the points and we were all shocked. She told us that now all of our graded will be dropping because you were not supposed to share answers (wasn't sharing answers like during the test?) and it was all that closed through. Failing, failing just because of a teacher who doesn't know how to keep peace and harmony between themselves. How are they supposed to teach us?

This message is directed to the New York City Board of Education (BoE) and to them that have faced similar situations where they are surprised at what had happened.


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