November 07, 2009

MLB & Some Thoughts- Part 2

Everyone would know what this is, this is the United States Constitution that is displayed in the National Archives and Records Administration in the Washington D.C. The most famous first line of the constitution starts out with these words:
We, the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, Insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity...
And the Constitution goes on, but the main goal or the aim of the Constitution is found in the Preamble, where it is stated why they are creating such an Union and what they want to accomplish though following these laws. "Union" that is what they want, a joined force, where everyone celebrates together, cries together and shares the same emotion throughout the country. Throughout the country is what is said but is it actually true in what we are getting from these people, do we see a more perfect Union?

An union, even a seventh grader who is taking Integrated Algebra courses in their middle school in New York City would be able to tell that. An union, where it is joined and an intersection is the what is not found commonly in them. Union, defined by Wikipedia: a union or combining of two individual things into one. Might seem like everything is perfect in the constitution but where is the glitch?

The glitch that I found is from a 1839 when baseball was created in the world maybe but maybe it was create when baseball became popular. Or maybe it was done when there was something called the "World Series" was invented. This was introduced in 1903, played mostly by American and Canadian teams (although I didn't see any Canadian teams this year). This is the highest level of professional baseball found in these countries from the Major League Baseball. "World Series", shouldn't it be with two countries and not just two states, and sometimes it's not even states but two cities inside a state. World Series should have been between two countries, or at least someone who does not have any idea of baseball would think so, never thinking that the teams that play it are from Maryland, Arizona, Massachusetts, Georgia and so on. All are from inside this country of America. Still, is this just the world.

Maybe it is, due to what I have seen in the news channels such as ABC, the American Broadcasting Company where the news that starts every weekday at 5 to 6:30 are local New York news and then when they say World News, it is mostly the national where they talk about other states. So, if this is what the United States thinks makes it "united" they better think again. If they want to make it "World News" then they should not include much news from this country but yes, it would be necessary due to the fact that this country is one of the top powerful countries in the world. But this does not mean that it is the only one. Or maybe it is not just what the United States have relationship with such as countries from Middle East or Europe. They should include the turmoil that goes through in Asian countries, at least to make it "World News" or maybe they can omit that name to make it ABC's "National News" or something.

But getting back to the point that this is just another problem why MLB or baseball in total will never see a bright future it that it has a lot of glitches in them. One is that fact of "World Series" and does winning the so-called "World Series" make it so powerful that so much money are wasted just because of these player. In TV channels, they mentioned them as "coming home heroes" but if this is home, why is coming home from a war to this country also called a home?

**This article in from a opinion of a teen, like me which jumped up in my head. This is not to hurt anyone but to question about many of the unknown reasons.

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