November 01, 2009

No Security For Foreigners

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Come to the United States in the New York City which has only one international airport which structures the immigrants of the at least the state even if it does not for the whole nation. John F. Kennedy International Airport, as it is called is shorted to JFK Airport which is not faraway from here. It's location is right near the sea, where it is surrounded by the Head of Bay. The Van Wyck Expressway surrounds the neighborhood which takes up relatively a large amount of land off the map of New York City. Near the north, it has Jamaica, a county which is bordering the place. Yes, it looks great outside, technology everywhere inside the airport but what is actually outside the region?

After looking through the neighborhood, I have seen it relatively quiet and it is mostly great. But what happens in the night time is not what is expected in the neighborhood at all. The neighborhood although it is not so bad at the morning, the police do not care at night most of the time. The Airtrain which follows through the neighborhood station, is not correctly secured at all.

After checking the statistics in the Real Estate Yahoo site, it shows that the population is 35. The population is 25% and the population density is 5. The median age is 34 years, median income is $58,333 and the cost of living index is 149. The Jamaica demographics show that there is 54.2% are male, 45.7% are female, 22.2% are married and there are single 77.7%, families with kinds are only 12.5%. The unemployment rate is 5%, recent job growth is 1.6%m future job growth is 5.6%, there are 71.6% registered Democrat, Republican 27.4% and only 0.9% are Independent or others.

The median home ages are 62 years, median home value are $364,600. There is not vacant, rent are 25.00% and 75.00% are owned. The school expense are $7,485. The pupil to teacher ratio is 19. Students to librarian are 1,489 and students to counselors are 607.

All these statistics show how the neighborhood is made up with not much clear in the neighborhood. The security is not much either, liquors are building up the statistics of the neighborhood and the gangs that make up the world are not clear at all.

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