November 11, 2009

NYT's New Online News Reader

Changes in the New York Times were shown in their online version of the newspaper. Techcrunch released the sneek peak news with screenshots to that site. The new portal is for online members to the site through this page. Online users now get what is called the Article Skimmer.

Techcrunch reported:
This could be a sign that the company considers graduating the Article Skimmer experiment to a full-fledged mass product and giving it a new name for the occasion. Some other names it is suggesting in the survey: Grid View, Times View, Easy View, Broadsheet and Easy Reader.
And here is how the newspaper describes the new reader: is launching a new online feature that offers the experience of reading a newspaper spread out on a table, allowing readers to more easily browse through headlines and discover stories deep within a section. Each section of the Web site is organized in an easy-to-read grid displaying the headlines and short summaries of each story. Full articles are one click away and keyboard short cuts provide easy navigation from section to section. Readers can select from among eight different skins to display content in the way that best meets their interests and needs.
The screenshot next to this post is credited to Techcrunch.

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