November 22, 2009

Senate Passes HCR

Popular topic thoughout the United States, the health care reform is changing it all. Change that is what was the motto that was bought up by President Obama from the beginning of his campaign journey. Now it is still bringing the change and this is one that was said to start from the early 1900s. News are all spread th

roughout the internet such this:

At a Capitol Hill rally, Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that the $848 billion, 10-year bill he unveiled hours earlier will save lives, save money and save Medicare. The Nevada Democrat said the bill is not just a milestone in a journey of a few months or a few years. Rather, he said that it culminates an effort that began over a half century ago.

Reid evoked former President Harry S. Truman, saying the Democrat knew that the health of the American people is linked to the health of the American economy. Reid was joined by several Democratic senators.

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