November 06, 2009

MLB & Some Thoughts- Part 1

Never though the world was that small, only contained of two countries, the United States and Canada. But upon checking the site of Major League Baseball (MLB) it seemed even smaller. The reason behind this is this page in the site that included all the teams of the so called World Series. Teams are divided into two groups, the Americans League and the National League and this year's, 2009's finals were held between two states actually. They were the Philadelphia Philies and the New York Yankees. Surprised about how this can actually be a "World Series". Well, not to worry, if you keep up with the Baseball, then this is the last you can get, every year series as if this is not that far away and still one team does not have a great impact at all.

Now lets see if the world is a little bigger, where cricket is. Cricket has teams in the International Cricket Council (ICC) where the teams are actually countries and the top of the countries come together for this matches. Here is a little comparison to cricket with baseball:
  • Batting order is predetermined in baseball where as in cricket, it is flexible.
  • Team consists of 9 players in baseball as in cricket, there are 11.
  • Only one type of match in baseball (a n9 innings match) and in cricket, there are one day international, Twenty20 and test matches.
  • Ways to get out in baseball are 3 whereas in cricket are 12
  • Maximum runs in baseball are 4 with bases loaded and in cricket it's 6
  • One gloves in hand for everyone except the catcher in baseball. In cricket, there are pads, helmets and other padding for protection
  • Baseball bats are size of 2.75 inches in diameter and does not weigh more than 36 ounces. In cricket, the bats are flat, and the size can be maximum of 38 in. long, and the blade may not be more than 4.25 in. in width. The weigh is 2.8 pounds to 3 pounds.
  • Maximum 3 pitches in baseball per batsman. In cricket, the limit is by the number of balls bowled.
  • Field shape is diamond in baseball and in cricket, it's oval.
  • Cricket has 2 umpires in field, 3rd umpire off field, and one match referee. In baseball, there are four umprires, up to 6 and also one depending on the importance of game. (How do you count importance? For the players it might be important match all the time.)
  • Baseball is mostly played in USA, Central America and Japan. Cricket is mostly played in commonwealth countries, such as England, Australia, India, Pakistan, including countries from North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Oceania. 
  • Major series in baseball is called Major League Baseball whereas it is called Cricket World Cup for ODI and T20 World Cup for 20/20.
  • The color of ball in baseball is white with red leather stiching, and in cricket, test balls are colored red and for one day internationals, they are white.
  • The core part for a baseball ball is cork, rubber with mixture of two layers. Legal weight of the ball cannot be under 5 ounces and not over 5.25 ounces. They are also 9 to 9.25 inches in circumference. For cricket balls, they are made of cork and string covered by red leather, weighting between 5.5 to 5.75 ounces and measuring from 8 13/16 to 9 inches in circumference.
  • The field in baseball are 60 feet and 6 in and 52 ft between pitcher and batter. For cricket, the field is between 66 feet and the distance between batsman and bowler is 58 feet.
  • The boundary in baseball is fence whereas in cricket it's boundary rope.
This is just the introduction to the posts that I am about to start from this.
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