December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009, Welcome 2010

Just posted the marquee right now to show that it was great to welcome year 2010.
2010 starts as I just changed my method of blogging, changing it to write directly in the Blogger's site and including Apture again, yes again into the site. 
Another year has been gone as I post this into the blog. Next day it would be 2010, a new year in the Gregorian calender. Wow, cannot even believe this right but yes, time flies and flies by fast. Why would not it fly by fast, does not it had great enjoyment and fun? Did not it have some much to learn and get, yes every human cares about what they get and why not me? I shall not be left behind even though I try to break that rule out from the other people around me.

As I looked today throughout the internet, many Bloggers were posting messages, or posts about how their year had been just like my brother who posted his in his blog here. Well, he talked about what he had gotten and for me if I start saying that, then Blogger would come to a limit and I am saying seriously. First in my family, my brother and my father got their driver's license after passing the test and then citizenship of the United States, then school, high school for me, the new one and then house, bought by our family with my aunts.

Great year it had been as a lot had changed, not enough time to see through but if I had continues, it would go for a long time. The world changed, as it had become more and more different.

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