December 18, 2009

Guv & MTA, Listen Up From the Students

MTA is looking for more cuts, service cuts as they name it, and this time, it has gone beyond what anyone can believe. Student metrocards will be gone for many of the students no matter how far you might live. Not fair one might say but this is a harsh reality, turned out by the Wednesday's vote on closing the budget gap. Plans are said to be on closing the W and Z subway lines, reducing service of dozens of bus routes, which they mentioned will all close down the $400 budget gap. Well, is it so for the stuents that go far long distance to expect such harsh condition for them? All they reasoned was for the shortage of state financing that came out in the last two weeks.
Thought they mentioned that nonoe of these would be in effect until spring, and as they had mentioned, it was all because of the budget deficit of $383 million deficit from the Governor David A. Paterson. The late night services from the bus or the trains are in reduced form for afternoons and weekends. As as the statistics puts it, the Governor's cut for the MTA pushed everything to this much. Here $192 million will be cut for direct MTA aid, $91 million in taxes and $100 in payroll tax. As many parents are putting it, they cannot even afford their own monthly metrocard, and their children?
The land of "opportunities and hope" that had ruled this country for so long has been changing, yes one because of the recession and war but it is not that to c
hange the children, the one who are most responsible for this country's future. Now parents are chosing between the Con Ed bill, going to a job interview or sending their children to school. And where is the Guv going?
Rallies marched out of my school a couple of days ago in the protest against this heavy change in the transportation system of New York City. The controller of all the trains, buses, tunnels and bridges had to shut down on this proposal to badly? Students like us are looking up them as our hero or thought that they were our heros which no one would think now. They are care illiterate, jealous that they do not want to pass on the same knowledge that they once recieved and they want the country to go down this way. But us, the students want to learn, and we yell out protests to help us spread out words. Will they have any value on them, on the ones who once went to Columbia University?
Bus cuts, train delays and then there comes the worst, cuts for those students that would bring up a great days for this city, state and most importantly, for this country. Confirmed cuts include shut down of W and Z service, dozens of bus lines shortened or eliminated,  a 7.5 percent increase in the fare for MTA by 2011, and none that would make one like the service at all.

Yes, yes, this all means that we are about to see more layoffs for more members of the city, many who's family depended on one's income to live in this city. For the MTA, do they care? Hope they do because if they do not, it will not only mean that they are about to lose more customers but more importantly, they are about to lose the hope they had gotten from the city as being the only transportation method for many to look at.

A source from the New York Tim
es posted the possible outcome that is in the post as a picture. Source, all to the New York Times.

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