December 19, 2009

HCR, Here Too

The Health Care Reform, one of the major topic of today's news in the United States. Reform as told by these Senators, House of Representatives and from the President himself. Many of the Americans does not know how this reform will reform health care service for many of the Americans but what they know is that they want to see better future through this plan. But the reform does not mean that all you have to get is money and money from the government to treat you, but the fact that you need someone, a physician to treat you well. It is not only the reform to bring insurance for many Americans but it would have to a reform to change those physicians and aid providers. It would be a change for the hospital workers who check your name at the front desk and it would have to be a change for all that involve around the hospital that would provide the service.
Documentaries such as Sicko draw up many conclusion for the reforms but what if you have the insurance but no one to treat you? My father has been suffering from slowness in blood flow in his hands. He went up to the Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan for his treatment and in search of a better day during his sleep. Because he had no appointment from the doctors, he had to go straight to the emergency department who treated him, well only checked his hand and said it will be fine. They told him to get an appointment for his regular checkup from his personal doctor and he went up to the service desk which you might also call "Front Desk" for the appointment. They handed him an appointment for the month of February, just estimate the time that is, from the month of October to February just for one checkup. Now is it because of the lack of doctors or is it because of the front desk workers who has favoritism in them? Whatever it might be, it is affecting the ill most importantly, and it would not help them to live at all.
Just wonder what would happen when one has to fear for their health through these worst time in the health? Just imagine and believe you need only a reform for how much money comes to the health care? Well, think again.

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