December 25, 2009

Healthcare, Now Waiting

The target was to close the bill before the holidays, before Christmas and today is Christmas Day. Senate is happy, just like me to see an improvement in the health care reform for the United States of America. Said to have started from October 14, 2009, the change started with the news of how the Senate gave only one vote from the Republicans. Then it went through everything, the House, the need of 60 votes from the Senate which they got even with Lieberman's opposition, and then finally the "Senate passes health care overhaul bill" said Google's Livingstories.

We are now waiting, the regular ones like us, waiting for the reform to take action as soon as possible. We look at other countries, we see them happy with what they have, but us, for us the "American Dream" is just another "Dream."

One might ask why, well one reason is that we have not received the service in our hands yet. Another reason, the controversy and how much time it took to just pass the bill through the Senate and the House of Representatives. I watched Sicko, by Michael Moore this week to find out more about the treatments around the world, and us, don't we pay taxes just like them? Well, it might be that it is not that rate but I can bet you that we have more people pays taxes in total than those countries, if I am not mistaken. Those taxes should be a benefit for us, not a problem, a problem that we are currently facing, as many Americans who had come to pursue the "American Dream" has not even met up with someone who had. It is supposed to be a country for the people, by the people and of the people but now, it is of all the reach and capitalists, who hold power over the government and it seems like they are the ones who are feeding the government. But is that so? Don't our taxes also play some role in the government, all the cumulative force of us?

Picture Credit: New York Times

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