December 24, 2009

Learned Something, Do Not Mess Up

I learned that you cannot coupe with the gangs of New York. It would not be worth trying at all, after they all surrounded me in my neighborhood after I had walked out of the bus. There was five to six of them, carrying a single knife but I still did not want to get into more trouble. They surrounded me, asked me for the time first.
"Hey", they called. "You got the time?"
I answered to them, "No" and walking away from their section on the street. On the opposite side of the road were another bunch standing, again five to six of them. I did not want to cross the road and now they surrounded me. They, one of them who seemed tall and about the age of a average tenth graded took out a pocketknife and I kept myself cool.
"You got anything?" asked one of the small, short kid.
"Anything in your pocket?" asked another one. "They seem big and full."
"Only four dollars," I answered. I took out the money after showing them the other pocket where I had nothing more than some newspaper cuttings. "That's all."
"You got any phone?" asked the tall one with the knife.
"No," I answered.
"What's in your back pocket?" one of them asked.
"Nothing," I said and showed them that I had nothing. After taking out the four dollars from my moneybag they, one of them said, "Lemme get that."
I started walking away as one of them called back and said, "Walk slowly."
I walked slowly and normally and then after I walked the whole way, crossed the road and looked back. Nope, nothing in the view. No people, no bus, no passenger waiting in the bus stop and nothing.
I did not hurry home, as I was not scared. Just curious, on how they looked. They were in no mood for fights, and I did that, refused to give them what they had wanted, it could have meant my life. Christmas time, it was the time when Jesus was to be born and is it this way you get your present? If you cannot afford it, do you have to harm others this way? Are they taught this way or build up to this time of character where they cannot afford to control them and their family any longer?

This had been based on my life, and I am glad that I was out of it. I hope, my the God's powerful force and his grace that no organism shall face such demand that might harm their life. May God bless all and all that live, lived or will be living in the future.

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