December 06, 2009

Rise of a New Era in Cricket

Cricket history is in for a change, all that was thought to be there is now changing throughout this time period. This is only possible to one country and their players, the Indians who have proclaimed a great virtue by winning against the Sri Lankan in the test series of 2009. As the New York Times puts it in their words, December 6, 2009 will be "written in letters of gold as the day". India had displaced South Africa and topped them to become Internation Cricket Council's rating in Test Cricket.
This was all possible by this team after their courtry's first test debut in 1932. The victory on the match was caught by Sri Lankans when they had four wickets in their hands and needed 59 runs but was caught by Zaheer Khan for 137 runs as Harbhajan Singh got hold of the last three wickets. But the mentionable batsman was Virender Sehwag who's single 293 changed the whole game as he only faced 254 balls. The innings ended with 760 for 9 as India declared it. The all-time best bowler, Muralitharan had his worst with his three match gain of nine wickets and 65.66 average which was trippled in his career.

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The New York Times,Cricinfo,, AFP, Telegraph and many other sources of news are talking about the same news. Quotes such this from Dhoni (Indian captain) came up in Google News' site:
"It is a bit of a concern, as we play only two Test matches in the next six months, so it will be tough for us to maintain the position. I can't do anything about the schedule. It is good to play Test cricket, at the same time we are here to play whatever cricket we are asked to play."

And what are they recieving? As Press Trust of India puts it, BCCI is giving away 25 lak rupees to each team member.

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