December 29, 2009

The Superheros

Imagine the Marvel Comics or the DC Comics without any superhero stories, the superheros that would later shape their company. The comics that had run through were stopped because of the fact that even though these superheros had the power, they did not use it. They could not use it, not in the way that one could use their power to save the people and the Earth. Imagine it all happen in one occasion where all the superheros and heroines gather and still they cannot save the Earth. Those ones, the ones who we know as the powerful ones cannot because of one simple reason, because they were not all together. They could not come up with one simple agreement that could save the whole planet and because they all wanted to gain more power, more power than what they had.

For me, I would consider that Superman has the most power and imagine that he is the greatest power of all and he just wants to keep rolling at the same direction. He does not want to encounter any attack, any problem but just continue his job and keep all his power. What he had done before was bygone and what he had mistaken was also bygone. He would tell, forget about the past, keep looking at the present and the future. But had he looked back at the past where it was the same way, when he harmed the whole planet just to gain more power? No, not in those 1920s as I can recall, when the United States had their Industrial Revolution, another revolution worth to remember, sometimes considered to bring more warmth than the Revolutionary War itself.

Now let's look at the gigantic Hulk who is so gigantic in carbon emission that everyone is against them. He is from a different planet, just like China is looking at it in the same way. They consider it different, they consider to create more emission through the environment. He may look big at this but he is not the most powerful was till now, and he wants to grow himself even bigger, bigger than before. He smashes everything, breaks everything into pieces to just get into the top class stage in the world. Why would one harm the Earth that they lived upon and are and will be living in the future? Maybe because he is Hulk and knows that he can go to a different planet just as the way he was born in the beginning.

But those Justice League, what about them? They are the top branch of the summit, the Copenhagen summit and they would include the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc. Did they all bring justice at all? Well, they tried have not they? They had a summit, called the "Great Summit" where Superman was mostly looking for a way to make a deal on how they were going to save the Earth and human being. But then at the summit, he could not keep his words. All because of Hulk, Flash, Aquaman and many like some who said "if Superman agrees, I am not agreeing". But do they understand that they won't be working after the planet is destroyed? Do they understand that they won't have another planet to look at?

This post is not to hurt anyone's feelings. This is just a mockery.

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