December 26, 2009

We Were Bought by Awami League

We were, bought completely by them, by one a single party of Bangladesh. They were harsh and we still voted them, as if we were their servants. Even now, they are a curse on us, the minority and what are the minorities doing? They are still wanting to be servants of those Awami League members. Why, one might ask, and the answer is I do not even know even though I, myself am one minority from Bangladesh.
The Arpita Sampatti Protapon law of 2009 passed through the government's offices quite quickly. It is said that with this new law, the government will send one district judge for the tribunal for every district. They said, in Bangladesh two lakh acres of land are in the government's control under the vested property act. The other 4 lakh acres of land is unknown to the government and in what condition they are in. Then there is Sultana Kamal who said "they will be giving the lands back to their original owners". Others claim that 26 lakh acres of land in under the vested property act, and did they say it was only 6 lakh acres?
First like the articles claim, they want a definition for "satru" and who they are calling that to. Under the rules, there has to be a gadget published for the list of lands, create district based tribunal and set up dates for the ruling, remove the words that claim that one has to be Bangladeshi citizen and give the land to other family members, partners and sufferers of this act.

Sources: Samakal Internet Edition
             Prothom Alo

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