January 17, 2010

Population Growth & Bangladesh

Population growth and Bangladesh, they seem to be two inter-related matters to us. As Bangladesh is being one of the first nations to be affected deeply by this, it will surely create an insurgency for the Bangladeshi all over the world. I myself, though not living in Bangladesh is facing the same insurgency and would like to talk about it in my blog too. Sometimes it might not be the same, but it might be that poverty is also rising because of the same reason. Population growth has told me a lot, failing a lot of a third world's nation like Bangladesh to another limit. Looking at the population of Bangladesh, it is an estimate of 162,221,000 in the year 2009. This means that they are the seventh highest populated nation in the world. The density of the nation in this country is 1,099.3/km2 or in every square mile, there are 2,917.6 people living.

They lose their heritage because of not much space as they have to build against their past architecture. Flats, condominiums are built in locations throughout Dhaka to get everyone's living space in the small, crowded city. Breaking those building to match with the demand will mean destroying and rebuilding again and again until there is not much in the soil. The concrete soil will lose it's power in the need and it will lose it's power and strength.

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