January 01, 2010

Rationalism & A Debate 1

After writing in the Amarblog, a Bangla blogging site, about some contradictions from the Qur'an, I had received a lot of comments and a post directed for me to read. I read, commented and still there are questions left from what I started with and those questions are now being asked in English and I will take the way through this whole mess giving all that I found from the comments of the posts, only the difference will be that they would be in Bangla or Bengali.

After reading this article off from Mukto Mona which is a secular site consisted full of rationalism, I thought about asking if these were all true.  I quoted it all from the site into the post and it was not even in Bangla so that I would not make any mistake. It was is the copied English asking are all these contradictions true? The post recieved minus, as some told me to read the Qur'an.  Some took the contradictions of the mathematics and explained it.

This had two versions, one supporting and the other opposing:

Quran 7: 54 Your gurdian-Lord is Allah who created the heavens and earth in Six Days
Quran 10: 3 Verily your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and earth in Six Days
Quran 11:7 He it is Who created the heavens and earth in Six Days
Quran-25:29: He Who created the heavens and earth and all that is between, in Six Days

And then this was the opposing or the contradiction
Quran 41: 9 Is it that ye deny Him who created the earth in Two Days ?
Quran 41: 10 He set on the (earth) Mountains standing firm high above it, and bestowed blessing on the earth, and measured therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in FOUR DAYS…
Quran 41: 12 So He completed them (heavens) as seven firmaments in Two days and …
He said that in the first four days of creation, Allah had also created food. He interpreted that the next couple of ayat also supported this theory and it continued but maybe the author had not understood that completely. Also they said that there was no word such as "then" or "after that" to be found in the last three ayats meaning that they all occured simultiniously in six days. Which could be said that:
 ০৯ নং আয়াতঃ | ০২ | ০০ | ০০ | =>[প্রথম দুই দিন]
১০ নং আয়াতঃ | ০/১/২ | +০২| ০০ | =>[প্রথম চার দিন]
১২ নং আয়াতঃ | ০০ | ০০ | +০২ | =>[শেষ দুই দিন]
Ayat 9 was part of the first two days, ayat 10 was part of the first four days and ayat 12 was part of the last two days.  So this means that 4+2 will make the creation to take place in six days.

What I liked most was from this person's comment called Joy Bangla who did not try to answer the questions. He said:
আমি কিন্তু একটু ভিন্ন মত পোষন করি।আমার মতের সাথে কাউকে একমত হতেও উৎসাহিত
করছি না। আল্লা আছেন এখানে সন্দেহ পোষন করার কোন উপায়ই আল্লা রাখেননি। বিশ্বাসে মিলায় বস্তু র্তকে বহুদুর।একটু মাথা খাটালেই ব্যাপারটা বোঝা যাবে।আল্লার ধর্ম প্রচারের জন্য মানুষের কেন প্রয়োজন পড়বে। তার জন্য তো তিনিই যথেষ্ট। আল্লা যদি চাইতেন আমরা সকলেই সাড়া দিন তারই এবাদত করতাম। জ্ঞান বা বিজ্ঞানের উন্মেষ ঘটতো না।তার কোন প্রয়োজনই থাকতো না। তবে ধর্ম কি কোন মানেই রাখে না, না তাও না। ধর্মকে সহজ ভাষায় বলতে পারি মানব জাতীর উত্তারাউত্তর উন্নতির সোপান হিসাবে সহায়ক শক্তি হয়ে কাজ করেছে।আজকের মানুষ পর্যন্ত আসতে আমাদের কত শত ধর্মের মুখোমুখি হতে হয়েছে তার ইতিহাসও মোটামোটি ভাবে আমরা জানি।ধর্মের ভয়েও তো অনেক মানূষ অন্যায় কাজ করা থেকে নিজেকে বিরত রাখেন।
The translated text is:
I am giving a different opinion. I am not telling anyone to agree with me either. There is Allah and there is no way to deny that. Faith gives rationalism a long way. A little thought will say it all. When will Allah need humans to spread the religious words. He is enough for himself. If Allah had wanted we would pray him all day long. Knowledge or science would not have done that. Then there would not be any need of him. Then does not religion play any role at all? Well not that either. Religion in simple words are humans's answers to advancement as it is an energy for the work. To come to this stage in human, we had to face so much of other religions which I do not even know of. Because of religious fears, amny stay away from wrongdoings.

What words? Who could not agree with these? You had to at any momment in life or else it would have been impossible.

Others like him also agreed on this saying that in order to believe in religion, you had to believe in faith. He gave a description on how Hajrat Musa attacked water and told his followers to jump into the river and everyone did without any question. That was only because everyone had faith in him, or else everyone would have started to question. He said that the article writers had not posted the next couple of ayats, to make a confusion. He said that 9th ayat was of two days+10th ayat was of two days+11th ayat was of two days making the six days.

In the next post I will talk through it more. No more in this one and please keep your eyes on for the next couple.

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