January 09, 2010

Rationalism & Debate 2

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After writing in the Amarblog, a Bangla blogging site, about some contradictions from the Qur'an, I had received a lot of comments and a post directed for me to read. I read, commented and still there are questions left from what I started with and those questions are now being asked in English and I will take the way through this whole mess giving all that I found from the comments of the posts, only the difference will be that they would be in Bangla or Bengali.

As the discussion continued even longer, they called me radical. He also said that somethings cannot be explained with science such as the "Absolute Truth" which I agreed upon. He said some words in the Qur'an are clear as some are fictional such as that of the sun's eclipse. He also said that people like Naik who try to find connection between Islam and Hinduism and science are jokers. Then somewhere below him, there was a person linking to Naik's site and I thought that it was weird. The comments continued as I found nothing interesting than this one that linked to another post dedicated to me. This is where the debate continued.

Let's start directly with those comments again that came up with the message. I will get back to those message as I talk more into it. An user named Neta quoted this line:
যারা তোমাদের উপর জবর দস্তি করেছে, তোমরা তাদের উপর জবরদস্তি কর, যেমন জবরদস্তি তারা করেছে তোমাদের উপর।
What does this mean? It says "Whoever is going against you (forcing you), force them just as they did to you."
Great line to summarize a lot of the words of the Qur'an which tells you to fight against a fighter. So if there is sin committed, you are supposed to commit sin back to stop the sin from happening. To it's explanation, the author of the post said "it is equivalence" that is supposed to form from the action. So whatever amount of abuse you have been gone through, you should take that back on them."
To this the same man asked if one is raped, should they rape the person back again? To that was the answer that if that was committed, then the same person (not their family member or anyone) shall face the punishment other than the man who committed it him or herself.

As the man asked more about the gonimoter maal, the author tried to not answer his question that was asked. The author commented that Neta knows everything of the Qur'an and would not need that to be part of his knowledge.

The discussion continued and many talked about what is said about war and how to defend or not. What most of them could not explain though was when I asked them, if all that the bad did was against Allah, then why is he not taking any action? The author said that, Allah has made them that way, who has heart but does not use it, who has eyes but cannot see anything and who had ears but does not hear anything. So the Allah had made them predestined with those laws?

They asked more and more about my religion, and I though, it would be better to start reading and start writing about the religion to teach others about the goods of it. So this is where I complete this sequel of posts to continue with other regular posts.

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