January 30, 2010

Swami Vivekananda: Vol 1.1.4

  • Religion Not the Crying Need of India
    •  The Christians try to prepare for more of their religious followers but do not care for the ones who are starving or in a famine. 
    • When the starved ask for bread, we give them stone.
  • Buddhism, The Fulfillment of Hinduism
    • Shâkya Muni came to fulfill the logical conclusion and the logical development of the Hindu religion.
    • Hinduism is studied in two parts: the ceremonial and the spiritual. In spiritual, there is no caste and no division between a higher caste and a lower. As Buddha had said, "I am for the poor, for the people; let me speak in the tongue of the people."
    • The belief in God will still exist as long as there is weakness, as each individual of the society has to cry out of pain and suffrage in that weakness.
    • Buddhism cannot live without Brahmanism and Brahmanism cannot live without Buddhism. But the separation between these two caused downfall for India. 
  • Address At the Final Session
    • A thank you message to World's Parliament of Religions.
    • He says that just as if a seed is placed in the ground, the seed does not become the soil itself, likewise the Hindus can never become Christians and vice-versa. Just like the plant, the religion becomes individual religion as it develops by itself in it's own way.
    • Holiness, purity and charity are not the property of any religious group as they are all divided between every human being.

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