February 05, 2010

Creationism & Universe From Nothing

Is the universe flat or spherical? As my brother told me to watch a video of "The Universe from Nothing" I thought it might turn out to be a good idea to post a opinion on the lecture. I am someone with really no knowledge of physics and I am talking about much bigger "stuff" that I would never understand. Overall, my conclusion to this is that it is something that we ought not be understand as it will form us to be superior or close to the superior to Him.
This is not anything religious but I could help on explaining it through theology a bit. First of all, the flat universe does not convince me at all and I would not accept it whatsoever. One reason for that would be that it is if the universe is flat, why isn't the other cosmic matter also flat, why are they spherical? Does that mean that vacuum is what is all around us? Religiously, in Hinduism everything is believed to be as sphere as only sphere would mean the same to come back as the same. For example, did the hour of 60 minute change from the day Earth was created to now? I believe it did not as well as I believe that as time had been the same, it would mean it was a repetition of the same as it is continuously being overcome as the same. As the phrase 'history repeats' comes back, the same theory makes sense as we could be able to see that if one is infinite it is because it is repetitive.
Think about the circular motion of the Earth as it revolves around it's axis and around the sun. How many times have the Earth rotated around it's axis, it would be the number of days but if the number of days were not counted in 24 hours, what would happen then? If the Earth was once spinning fast and slowing down, then how can it be that it is counted in time? This is the same reason why we first have to understand what time is. For me, I have tried to understand time with my small brain and as long as I could think, time is consciousness, time is at the bridge of material and abstract world.
If were ever able to understand what time is and how it functions,  then we would have learned everything that was to know about creation and destruction but because there is God above all, he shall never let us know this knowledge and use them or else, we would become superior than Him.

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