February 26, 2010

It's A Million Dollar Metrocard

Many harsh stories of students came up as they said how not giving them Metrocard would affect them and their family. Khaair Morrison in Ghotham Schools talked about it in the site:
My mother is a single parent. She is putting two kids through college — one at Howard University and the other at St. John’s in Queens — and she still has to keep up with her mortgage payments and other bills. Her job gives her great benefits and a good salary. But it is still really hard and I see her struggle every day to provide for her family and keep us together especially lately in this economic downturn. The last thing she needs on her plate is the question, “How am I going to get transportation to and from school for my son?” Providing a Metrocard for me to get to school would be another bill and another burden on her back.
These stories does not only bury us in deep saddness but bury us into the dark reality of truth. The Board of Education should at least consider what they are doing before actually doing it, in that way that it might be stopped. Imagine every student suffering from this pain, they would not be able to say that they go to school to study but instead they would claim that they go to waste the money of their parents. Thus, if their marks are not up to certain level, they would say there is no way good at putting the money in for this. Also, the MTA had increased the latest demand of transportation money from $2.00 to $2.25, thus they still want the money.

Who should be accountable for this, the mayor or the MTA? When one told me that the mayor is capable of putting all the money for every student for their Metrocard, I knew that was true but still it did not make any sense on why it was not being done. It is for the benefit of all, not just those individual students because if the students do not go to schools, they will be seen hanging around all throughout neighborhoods, thus committing crimes which would not give any reputation to the city. Just imagine a student who was supposed to hold a pen in his hands holds a knife so that he could earn some money for the food he is to eat.

In the New York Daily News' Joanna Molloy says:
You could always turnstile jump, or turnstile dive, or double-squeeze on a synchronized spin.
So, I ask, is this what they want or is this just because of what has been going on through the mockery? If it is for us to walk only, then I recommend that they should think again as the ones who live more than 100 blocks away from their home, such as me, would not walk all the way. For me, it would be walking from Jamaica to Downtown Manhattan, which is about 2 hours in train and bus (according to Google Maps, it is 1 hour and 8 minutes and similar to that) and if I was to walk through all this, it would mean more than 3 hours to 4 hours which would mean I would have to start walking at the dawn. Is this what the MTA wants?

Daily News reporter claims that the 16 MTA board members had not done much of a research or else they would have known that 67% of you qualify for free lunch. That means your parents make about $28,000 a year. After taxes, that's a paycheck of $442 a week, or less than $1,800 a month.The thing that could be seen is that the ones who are the legislatures for this deal are millionaires who don't even live in the city and always ride their limousines.

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  1. hello i am actually Khaair Morrison thank you for writing about this and keeping this issue in the news