February 14, 2010

Politics, For the Good or For the Bad

Ask a man about what politics is. The answer would differ from one who answer at another part of the world just as one child would confront this question differently than one who has suffered or seen the "Evil Politics." Ask and ask, and you shall find opinions only just as this post is another opinion but an observation. It is another observation about politics, the differentiation, the division about the the unique idea of politics. 

When  Aristotle had made this word, he might have not thought that it would affect everyone so deeply, but he could have sensed that it would have great impact as it already had done in Ancient Greece. But nowadays, new words derive from it, from the word  that used to mean 'affairs of the state.' Does that mean that affairs of the states are changing, and does that mean what Aristotle had thought politics was is not politics any longer? I have no answer to those as I would only give my opinion but what I will give is again observations.

Ask a boy, a young boy of an age less than 12 and you should be able to see that the way that politics affects him in United States would be the comments such this, 'it's for a bunch of old dudes, who has nothing better to do.' Huh, childish might sound but true at his observation and whenever a new face, a young face pops up front of him, they become the child's hero. It is neither weird to say but the truth of observations.

Then you ask a boy of the same age or age group of 12 in South Asia who is relatively poor. His observations about politics would be similar to: 'Just give me food, money and I shall talk to you. My family, my brother and sisters has not eaten food for three days' or it would be 'This are for the rich people, we are only the poor ones.' Ask a rich then and they would speak of no knowledge as they are the children of those politicians who were to become future politicians and they would say, 'My madame has not told us what it is. I have not looked on the book at all, and would not comment as I might give the wrong answer."

I ask, is there any answer to opinion, answer that you might call 'right' or 'wrong'? Maybe in today's politics there is but when it was created long ago, neither Aristotle or the intelligent
Greeks and Romans thought of it as right or wrong as long as it helped the people. The 'future politician' is not free at his thoughts and because he is affected through this, he would thus in the future would not know the benefit of being free and to give free thoughts and thus would never let any other share free thoughts. But these are the future politicians, the ones who are to be seen as role models of in countries. For the Westerners, they would say 'old folks' or 'old dudes' as if they were angry at them. They would say they were young (everyone wants to be or say that they are young) and thus would say it is not for them. So, it would be again those 'old dudes' and 'old folks' in politics and not the common young Westerners.  

But the question still remains, is this politics, the different thoughts, the different ideas and knowledge, the different perspective or is it politics everywhere, wherever there is people and law? Thus, is politics for good or for bad, the mass public would have to declare that, as they are again divided in their opinions.

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