February 16, 2010

Swami Vivekananda 1.3.1

Raja Yoga
  • Preface
    • The Raja Yoga is not deny the existance of facts which are difficult to explain; it only explains that each man is pipe for the infinite ocean of knowledge and power. 
    • Supernatural power brings about the idea of the power in a man's actions. It brings fear, dependence, and superstition.
    • Every Indian philosophy says through Yoga, the perfection of the soul can be achieved and the Sankhya and Vedanta schools point to Yoga in other forms such as the Raja Yoga which were done by Panchajali.  
    • Panchajali says there is Personal God as the first teacher as the Sankhyas believe that It is perfect being., temporarily in charge ofa cycle of creation. Also as the Panchajali said to form the mind equally all-revading with the soul, or Purusha, the Sankhays did not.
    • Each soul is potentially divine.
      The goal is to manifest this Divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal.
      Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy — by one, or more, or all
      of these — and be free.
      This is the whole of religion. Doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals, or books, or temples, or forms,
      are but secondary details.
  • Introductory
    • Our knowledge is based on experience (inferential knowledge) from less to general, or general to particular.  The basis of every religion is universal experiences. Religions are based on two: those with books and those without.
    • For the ones who are outspoken hypocrite, it is better to be atheist. The goal of metaphysics and religion is to search after that Supreme Being. But as man has not achieved that, he swings back and forth in words, until he finds the truth.
    • Through observations, generalization comes up. Raja Yoga tells us about observing the internal states and the instruement is the mind.
    • Knowledge highest reward of knowledge as well as utility taking away our misery, learn about something that is eternally perfect and pure.
    • Through concentration, you can achieve this knowledge. The stronger you get from concentration. The object to concentrate is internal. Reflection is the material to find what it means, the Inner Being through concentration.
    • When the body is affected, the mind is affected and vice-versa. Raja Yogi says, the external world is the effect as the internal the cause. Human race's benefit is that they have the power to control nature. In nature there is no internal or external division. 
    • The affections of external objects are carried by the outer instruments to their
      respective brain centres or organs, the organs carry the affections to the mind, the mind to the determinative faculty, from this the Purusha (the soul) receives them, when perception results. Next he gives the order back, as it were, to the motor centres to do the needful. With the exception of the Purusha all of these are material, but the mind is much finer matter than the external instruments. That material of which the mind is composed goes also to form the subtle matter called the Tanmâtras. These become gross and make the external matter. That is the psychology of the Sankhya. So that between the intellect and the grosser matter outside there is only a difference in degree. The Purusha is the only thing which is immaterial. The mind is an instrument, as it were, in the hands of the soul, through which the soul catches external objects. The mind is constantly changing and vacillating, and can, when perfected, either attach itself to several organs, to one, or to none. For instance, if I hear the clock with greatattention, I will not, perhaps, see anything although my eyes may be open, showing that the mind was not attached to the seeing organ, while it was to the hearing organ. But the perfected mind can be attached to all the organs simultaneously. It has the reflexive power of looking back into its own depths. This reflexive power is what the Yogi wants to attain; by
      concentrating the powers of the mind, and turning them inward, he seeks to know what is
      happening inside.
    • Food is needed for the body for us to think. A Yogi cannot fast, cannot stay awake, sleep much, work too much, does not work as they are extremes of a Yogi.

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