February 28, 2010

Watch Live Cricket In Linux

This is not a trick made by me rather found by me. You can watch live cricket in your Linux desktop with Sopcast links. Gspocast, a GTK based software with the ability to watch TV in Linux desktop. Just download the latest version of .deb package and like always, install it how it should be installed. The software would require it's default application that opens the media files which is Mplayer which would be required by the software to play any channel. If you want to change that to VLC or any other media player, go to it's config tab and change the player to the desired application.
Clicking on a link from the list provided by http://www.sopcast.com/gchlxml should open some channels though not all listed. You can thus copy the link to the channel you want to view (sop:// type links) and paste it in the bottom textarea after the channel list. Press "Launch" and let it load until the channel plays.

For me, until now, it has worked great in Ubuntu 8.10. I have also used the .deb package from their Google Code project and installed it to watch channels, for example now I am watching England VS. Bangladesh. :P

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