March 30, 2010

Philosophy of Minority Movement

These two videos shows some of the picture of minorities in Bangladesh
I had been quite active on the minority activities that had been going on in Bangladesh. One of them would be writing as the administrator of Bangladeshi Hindu ( and joining many other groups in Facebook that related to Hindus and saving the Hindus in Bangladesh, for example this. Now, after a long time and long reading, I will speak against what I have done, though not completely against it. This arose into my mind whilst reading "The Story of My Experiments With the Truth" by M. K. Gandhi. "Well, what is wrong, you have to change your mind everyone once in a while" one might say but it is for the good and I am not changing my mind. I will be expressing my feelings.

Yes, I won't deny that there were murders, rapes and numerous prejudice against these minorities all throughout Bangladesh. But if I just look, it is not only here that minorities are being mistreated. In every country of the world, minorities are discriminated and misjudged against the majority. Is it just political, or is it social? To me, though it once seemed to be social, about the life and how they have to be changed, now it more seems like philosophical. To me, I think there is nothing that you can do to these human beings who think that one Hindu is not the same as another Muslim of the same country. If asked about their similarity, they would only examine at the fact that they both are from Bangladesh, not even the fact that they speak the same language as one would consider the other to speak Arabic and other Sanskrit or other Indic language.

What I think is that, there is nothing to be done to these "inhumane" behaviors that have been committed by the majorities of Bangladesh. What I think that they have to bring, the majorities and the minorities is that they have to look at what is going on, and treat the cause, not the effect. If we treat the cause, only then can the cause can be demolished and truth can thus rise. Other than that, there is no way, so only way is the way taught from our ancestors, the peaceful way. As long as they have the last breath of the nature's oxygen in their body, as long as they think the truth, even one piece of truth, then they could be bought to the right path in their way. The path to righteous can still be bought to them as long as they think that they are not he superior and admire that there is Something superior then himself or herself.

We play the politics, even the minorities, who actually have to gain from this. It is not the minorities or the majorities that are mistreated but the weak who are mistreated. One who cannot stand up for whatever that they think is right is weak to their own philosophy and compresses themselves to be under value. To get that value, one shall never fear, fear is not the word one should hear, but ironically most of the Hindus are fearful. That is why mainly they are mistreated, victims of prejudice and racism. There is no other reason than that. One might call the Rohingas or the Biharis strong enough in Bangladesh to gain their rights but are they united? Is their way of going the path of righteous that one should follow? Is dividing the way of going? Certainly not, and I think that is the reason why they are incapable of succession.

But the pictures say a lot, think about those pictures are inhumane where only Hindus are not under pressure but the whole human race.

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