March 17, 2010

Rock On Washington! We Like Some

Yes, we like some of Washington (at least I do!) First it was the health care reform  that is still taking place through the Congress and now it is another bill that is showing up with the health care reform, the student loan reform. Socialism, some might call it but in my opinion, even if it might be considered socialism (not that I consider it) it is great plan to help every single student who is struggling to pay off the university tuition.
Starting from raising the Pell Grant to $5,500, any student would consider this to be a opportunity for them to continue their studies and not concentrate on outside matter. As stated by the New York Times:
Under current law, Congress must determine any increases.
For anyone, this law would be a great idea. It would be called the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act first talked about in September. After the Health Care Reform, this would greatly change or try to change the look of the United States.

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