March 06, 2010

Swami Vivekananda 1.3.3

  •  Prana
    • Pranayam is control of Prana. The universe is composed of Akasha (the material world that evoulves) and Prana which empowers everything. At the end of a cycle, the energy becomes potential and starts up again as Akasha becomes other forms changing Prana. The knowledge and control of Prana is known as Pranayam.
    • The power of Yogi comes from time, as he tries to understand through a generalized idea. The Yogi who can control Prana could control all the forces of the universe (mental and physical), controlled the bodies. The Western philosophy and the East all try to control over Prana. When the mind can exist on higher plane, or on superconscious, Samadhi or perfect concentration is attained.
    • The body is changing constantly, from one body to another as the same goes for another. When the Prana is most suble, in form of vibration it will become unbroken mass.
    • Beyond in the universe we find unity in One, or the Self. This could be proved by the physicist who came up with the sum total of the energies in the universe which is same throughout.
    • One major obstacle in the body to overcome is controlling the lungs. It is the Prana which controls the lungs as the lungs draw in the air. If we practiced controlling our body, we could come to atavism. When one has control over his Prana, he would influence the ones nearby to heal them through his control over Prana.
    • Faith does not cure one man completely. When the balance of Prana is disturbed, we aquire diseases. Contolling Pranayam will make you feel as if there is less energy in the legs than in other parts, because the legs are the essential part of structure.
    • The universe is an ocean of ether with layers and as you move away from the center, the vibrations are less than the center.
    • The physical control of Prana through Pranayam is called physical science and through mental force is called Raja Yoya.
  • The Psychic Prana
    • There are two spinal columns called Pingala & Ida (according to the Yogis) and a hollow canal called the Sushumna. At the lower end to it is the Lotus of Kundalini, triangular with the language Kundalini. As the Yogi makes the contact with Self, it rises up until it reaches the brain to be free from the mind and body. The different centers are different lotuses of the Yogi.
    • Yogi starts from the Muladhara (the basic) & ends with Sahasrara (Lotus's petalled in the brain). There are three centers to remember: Muladhara (basic), Sahasrara (thousand-petalled lotuals of the brain) adn the Mannipura (lotus of the navel.) Electric motion makes the molecules move at the same direction.
    • With breathing comes a rhythmic action. Everything that is imagined comes from ordinary space (Mahakasha) and the thoughts of other and mind comes from the mental space (Chittaksha). When mind becomes objectless, it is called Chidakhsha or the knowledge space. If mental current can be sent without any nerve fibers to act as wires, it accomplishes. The Yogi follows procedures to bring the Sushumna up. The dream is formed through coiled up as there is no action from outside world as the objects are only rememebered.
    • Where all these are stored is the Muladhara and the coiled up energy is Kudalini. If this energy was made to rise through the Sushumna canal, it forms dreams or imaginations. When the energy comes to the brain, perception of the Self would be illuminated.
    • Kundalini is the only superconcious perception as the current finds it's way to Sushumna out to understand the ulimate that every philosopher tries to understand.

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