March 25, 2010

Swami Vivekananda 1.3.4

  • The Control of the Psychic Prana
    • After being able to control breathing for some time, we have finer motions. The chest, neck and the head must be linear. Breathing should be thus controlled. Flow with rhythmic word such as "Om" as deeper voice, expressions in the face and calmness all come up in the body.
    • Fill the lungs with the left nostril (Ida) and concentrate on the nerve currents and then slowly change to the other side Pingala. For the Yogi alone is the Sushumna open and we reach the level where reasoning cannot be reached. To open this Sushumna is the prime factor for Yogis. There are centers or lotuses; the lower end is called Muladhara, higher is called Svadhishthana, the third called Manipura, fourth Anahata, fifth Vishuddha, sixth Ajna and the last Sahasrara or the brain.
    • All the energy of the body is stored in Ojas in the brain and any energy can be converted to that type of Ojas energy.
  • Pratyahara and Dharana
    • Perceptions come from external instruments, as internal organs act with the brain, and the mind. When all these play their role, we perceive.
    • Hypnotics also try to control the mind by giving blows of theirs not the own brain and they harm humanity. Every soul's goal is freedom from slavery of matter and thought, both internal and external. One who has succeeded in attaching and detaching the mind from external forces as achieved Pratyhara.
    • This can be described by this story: a restless monkey once drank wine and became more restless. Then he was stung by a scorpion after which a demon enters his mind.This is parallel to the human mind being restless, then being drunk makes its desire and the sting from the scorpion parallels to jealousy that enters the mind. Lastly, the demon corresponds with pride as it starts to think itself important.
    • To control the mind, first let it jump, see all it has to say. As you practice this, it will lessen and you will then find it in perfect control. This then joins with the center as it is called Pratyhara. 
    • After Pratyhara comes Dharana as you think of certain points. A Yogi cannot live with much people, as well as work much as the mind will then be distracted. First would be change in the voice.
    • One has to first hear, then understand, then leaving all distractions, concentrate on the mind. Only strong mind will be able to perceive for the ultimate goal to control the mind.

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