April 23, 2010

Kochi, the Controversy Behind the Crisis

IPL, the Indian Premiere League, as quoted from Harsha Bhole's Cricinfo comment:
As a sporting event, the IPL has been excellent so far. It has provided a platform for young talent, for players who plied their trade in less-reported areas, and were a name on a scoreboard if the sports editor thought it worthy. [...] One of the most thrilling moments in recent times for me was watching Anil Kumble bowl the first over of a match to Virender Sehwag.
After the release of the controversy of the Kochi team in IPL, the whole picture of IPL has changed. As Harsha Bhogle has warned too with the insights of the benefits from IPL that "match-fixing (or spot-fixing, which is more in the news lately)" are making it to the news. IPL, the European League form for cricket is now being conducted of more controversies. After the scandal from the franchise of Kochi team that would be added to IPL 2011 season, Manmohan Singh alleged to take out one of the ministers, Sashi Tharoor from the parliament to keep the Congress party to still keep their power firmly.

The shocking news spreads through the Times of India, claiming in a report that "Lalit Modi has interests in three teams. Also it is claimed that a possible of two matches were fixed in IPL's season 2. In another article, the Times of India claims to this report:
Those involved in fixing matches are superstars of Indian cricket and even an international player who is captain of one of the teams, a top official in Delhi who is part of the I-T team investigating the alleged IPL scam is quoted as saying. Some team owners too are allegedly involved, the reports state. [...] Some seniors have allegedly been influencing juniors, often from their own regions, to fix matches, they added.
Though not confirmed, one quote from Samir Thkral, an old associate of the IPL commissioner Lalit Modi said:
‘‘The stakes are so high that all operators want a share of the income. The value of IPL is well over Rs 6,000 crore and betting during each match is estimated at around Rs 500 crore. Some members of the underworld are believed to have secretly invested in teams.’’

This allegations have not bought a great news for club cricket at all but the International Cricket Council is said to take chances with it to grow it's popularity.

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