May 09, 2010

Book Review: An Autobiography

The autobiography of Mahandas Karamchand Gandhi called The Story of My Experiments With Truth focuses on Gandhi's struggles for non-violence and civil disobedience through the acts of Satyagraha, literally meaning holding firmly to truth. In each of the chapters, he talks about instances in
life that he had struggled with Truth, considering Truth being the ultimate source of energy. The question many might ask is: how can one who is so skinny, one who had to live with a stick throughout his struggles get such energy?
It was because of his experiments and the trials that he made, i.e. dietetics, non-violence, hydropathy,naturopathy etc. After finishing his studies in England, he came to South Africa where he changed from a typical lawyer to one who was remarkable. It's more surprising that with the ideologies that he produced from studying law, eastern and western philosophy, he kept them all by his side and followed them to the extreme. He was conservative to his thoughts at any situation and in following them, though there were situations when it would in a common mind say that it is obnoxious.
One reason I become overwhelmed by Gandhi is his simplicity, wearing a single dhoti (an Indian clothing) and living by only vegetables. Even when he was or his son was on deathbed, he insisted that eating anything other than vegetables was wrong. He considered those necessities that were without any way to resist with the method presented by him, it is possible that one can live freely. This means one can live without food or drink, without anger or desire, if they are to follow a simple code of behavior. This book, thus teaches one in practical life on how to live without any of the material needs.v
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