June 18, 2010

Football With a "F"

Just search "football" as a keyword in Google. What does the world's most advanced and popular search engine give me as the result? Well, let me just give you some of the links: http://www.nfl.com/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football, http://www.giants.com/, http://www.newyorkjets.com/, http://espn.go.com/college-football/. Well, yes I understand that Google was born in the States and lived in States and grew up in States orders but what has it learned? Football is with a "f" not with a "h" and it is played with a "foot" or rather "feet". But what does the "Americans" consider football?

Sportingo.com considers association football or what we in nations other than USA consider football to be the most popular. Second is cricket and then third comes a sport where the Americans can say that they are excellent in, which is basketball. But let me see, where is "football" that the Americans consider "football" which many like me call "American football"? Well, it's totally out of the question in popularity among the world. Does the Americans then consider this to be such a great sport, with such a small amount of popularity among the world?

Well, lets just say that the Americans do think that it's still "American". Well, so does the Americans think that our legs are actually the hands and the hands are actually the legs? More than 99% of the game of "American football" is played in hand and it's called football? I just wonder if these people who actually play "American football" are so athletic enough to walk in their hands for more than two minutes. All the fighting, shoving, kicking, boxing, punching added to the game makes it truly "Americanized". So Americans consider themselves to be violent, unorthodox and still call it American. Now I feel ashamed to be called American or to even live in America. Coming up in the 19th century, this is from rugby and association football. But let me see, rugby is played in hand and most people do not add "football" to it and association football is played in feet and we should add "foot" or "feet" to it but come on, "American football"?

Yes, I understand that the USA is trying their best in football but by calling it "soccer" they are actually insulting the sport by calling it in a different name. Also, because of the other sports such as "American football", the Americans are not able to spend much on international sports such as this. Come on guys, the true champions should be champions in anything and the United States does have the capability to be that. Kick out the "American football" and take in "association football" as football that we should know it by.

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